Digital Media

  1. Basho
    Online Display Adverts
    Short punchy adverts to encourage viewers to visit the website and sign up to their product.
    Basho provide a data platform that supports multiple database models optimized for key value. rtfacts support their marketing teams efforts to visually put this cheeky little business on the map.
  2. F-Secure
    BT Cloud online Banners

    Online rotation banners promoting the new BT Cloud app.

    F-Secure provide internet security for all devices. Through them we've created numerous collateral for other telecom companies such as BT.

  3. Cable & Wireless
    Online turning pages presentation
    We created this online presentation to encourage staff to attend their Collaboration EBC Experience, which comprised of managed video conferencing, fixed mobile conferences and audio web conferencing. We kept the design simple and impactful to grab their attention, with minimum copy to keep them engaged.
  4. Virgin Media
    Online Internal Magazine - Engage
    Since Spring 2014 we have been publishing their internal staff magazine "Engage" not only as a digital format but in print also. This online format allows us to give the document a magazine look and feel but still maintaining an interactive element with web analytics.
  5. Eolas
    Online sliding pages presentation
    Eolas wanted to inform their clients of their impressive credentials in an innovative and imapactful way.
    We suggested this online format, which unlike boring old powerpoint, is a lot more versatile and interactive, and also gives you the benefit of analytics!

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  6. Pro-ven
    Online sliding pages presentation
    This presentation was launched after a company rebrand. The design gives a glossy magazine look, and the side bar allows for easy navigation throughout the presentation.

    We think these online publications are a great way to inform your clients/customers about your business but and wow them at the same time. Unlike boring old powerpoint, this format is a lot more versatile and interactive, and it also gives you the benefit of analytics!
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